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Margaret Wilmer(non-registered)
Wonderful pictures! Character, clarity, nature captured in a spectacular way!
Pam Curtis(non-registered)
Thanks to you and Lei Lani for an incredible experience in Dana Point. The souvenir photo is so appreciated and I am honored to display your remarkable work. I will be following you and the family adventures for years to come.
Vicky Ruiz(non-registered)
I recently began my journey at San Bernardino Valley College, attempting to transfer and major as a wildlife biologist at Colorado State University. I am currently Shane Keenas art student, as soon as he mentioned he specialized in photography for marine mammals I began to research his work. I must say I am amazed at his artistic view on living organisms! Shane is a man that motivates me to the fullest, I am grateful I chose to take a sculpting class because I had the opportunity to work with such an outstanding professor. I am sure he will continue to inspire many other students. Keep it up Shane
Marina Santana(non-registered)
Shane Keena's photographs pushed my appreciation and understanding of all sorts of marine invertebrates and marine life to an entirely new level. I get to mentally travel the world from looking at his photographs. Beautiful work - can't wait to see what he shoots next!
great pictures! just got some and can't wait to put them up on my wall! absolutely beautiful! i feel like i can reach out and touch the animals!
Will from Echo Bay(non-registered)
Hi Shane just looking at your pictures and saying that they are truly amazing
carole lee walsh(non-registered)
HI, We saw you guys in Scammons Lagoon or San Ignacio in March 2014. You had the robot camera that was so amazing!. Your shots are awesome! If you would be so kind as to let me know when you post videos on FB or other amazing shots I'd be forever grateful.

My pictures are mostly of a bit of whale and lots of butts and hats.
Jessica Wallace(non-registered)
Shane! Your photography is truly amazing! You have a talant that I can admire and photos that I can appreciate because of the beauty that you capture!
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